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"Angelika Kausche is an experienced educator fighting to expand access to opportunity for all Georgians," said Geri Prado, senior director of state and local campaigns at EMILY's List. "EMILY's List is proud to endorse Angelika, who will be a fierce advocate for public education, affordable college tuition, and safe schools."
- Emily's List


"Georgia's LGBT community currently has no legal protections under current state law. To secure nondiscrimination protections, we must elected fair minded candidates in 2018. Not only does Angelika have strong positions on equality, she is running in an open seat, which provides a great opportunity to elect someone who will fight for fairness for all families."
- GA Equality


The Red Clay Democrats believe that Angelika Kausche would be an excellent representative for House District 50. She is a capable, authentic individual with an eye towards both the immediate needs of her community and the larger issues facing our state and country. We are thrilled to offer Angelika our full endorsement and wish her the best in November!
- Red Clay Democrats


Georgia´s WIN List is a political action committee dedicated to changing the face of power in Georgia by recruiting, training, electing and re-electing Democratic women to the Georgia General Assembly and statewide office who are committed to reproductive freedom.


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"Angelika Kausche is a former business professor, a community leader, and an immigrant. She was my precinct captain in Johns Creek and now she's running for State House 50. Her team has already knocked on thousands of doors! Please join me in supporting Angelika Kausche." - Jon Ossoff



Johns Creek Leaders


Vote on november 6, 2018