House Representative of Georgia's 50th District

My Mission for the 2019 Legislative Session: As your State Representative, I am committed to the practical, balanced, and transparent political process we so seriously need. Everything I do will, each decision I make, will be under the promise I made to the residents of Johns Creek in 2018: to serve this community to the best of my ability. I am honored to represent you all under the Golden Dome.


At the Capitol

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In Johns Creek

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Rep. Angelika Kausche

Proud to serve Johns Creek in the Georgia House


Welcome to Johns Creek, District 50. Our city is known for its diversity and inclusivity. From families who have lived here long before Johns Creek became a city in 2006, to recent immigrants from around the world, we strive and succeed to make our community not only safe for us, but to showcase how many backgrounds and perspectives can come to one community in metro-Atlanta and live harmoniously together. I am honored to represent the beautiful city Johns Creek and our values in the Capitol and work to make Johns Creek better each day.

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