About Your Representative

Meet Angelika Kausche


Angelika moved to the United States over two decades ago. She and her husband Fabian chose to become American citizens in 2011 because this great country had become home. They had bought into the idea of America and wanted to take an active part in it.


Angelika grew up in Germany. By the time she had finished high school, her father had lost his job multiple times and the family had to relocate across the country. Nevertheless, the German system enabled her and her two brothers to graduate from college - all of them are first generation college graduates - without putting major hardship on the family. All three children pursued successful careers. What Angelika learned most from these experiences was that change in circumstance can be an opportunity to reinvent oneself.


Angelika holds an MBA in Business Administration from the Universität Trier, Germany, and worked for several years at various German banks before relocating to the US in 1997. Five years later, she earned her second master's degree in Organizational Communication from Western Michigan University. She subsequently taught as an adjunct professor of Business Communication at various colleges throughout Michigan and North Carolina. Now retired, she serves on the board of her Homeowners Association and volunteers for various organizations in the greater Atlanta area.


Angelika and her husband Fabian live in Johns Creek. They have two daughters. Her family loves to travel. Fabian and Angelika enjoy hiking with their dog Lexee in the beautiful Georgia mountains.