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July 8, 2019 • Campaign Updates

Building Bridges, Not Walls

It is hard to believe, but we already are in the middle of July. For most people, summers involve summer camps, pool parties, BBQs, or time relaxing at the beach, and I hope all of you are enjoying a great summer doing what you love. For me, it is the perfect time to catch up with constituents and key stakeholders in the community, working on the promise I made to my community and myself: building bridges, not walls.

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June 14, 2019 • In the News

Land Hope Times - China Journal

本報訊』全美華人協會於6月8日晚間假 福臨門餐廳召開換屆選舉年會。出席的理事會 員及外賓約有50餘人。根據全美華人協會章程,本次會議將選舉出新一屆理事會成員。會議 由現任的會長Christina Liao 主持。她首先感謝 了各位會員及家屬對全美華人協會工作的鼎 力支持,隨後她回顧了全美華人協會去一年來 的工作。緊接著進行下一屆理事選舉;共有17 位候選人大多數都出席了餐會,逐一發表競選 的宣言之後,由在場的會員投票,選舉結果17 位候選人全部當選連任。名單如後

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May 9, 2019 • Campaign Updates

"Traveling" the World in Atlanta

Did you know that one can “travel” the world in Atlanta? At least that is how I felt in the past couple of weeks when I enjoyed the great honor of meeting the Consul Generals of India, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and The Netherlands in Atlanta. As a testament to Georgia’s growing influence on the international stage, many foreign countries have established official consular offices in Atlanta to service the Southeastern region of the United States in recent years.

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Apr 22, 2019 • Campaign Updates

Earth Day

Our group of 35 volunteers picked up almost two tons of trash; anything such as old tires, bottles, cans, scrap metal, and a plethora of plastic bags. Most of this trash had been washed down stormwater drains. Plastic bags probably had been blown out of vehicles, or trash cans along the highway. Washed into streams, rivers, and lakes, they can choke, suffocate, or disable aquatic life like ducks, fish, turtles, and birds. It was an eye-opening experience that visualized the need for further educating our communities on reducing pollution and especially the use of plastic to protect our lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands, that we use for recreation and for providing our drinking water.

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Apr 4, 2019 • Capitol Updates

Sine Die

Tuesday was Sine Die, the 40th day and final day of the legislative session. Sine Die is Latin for “without a day,” meaning that the body adjourns without appointing a day to return. Bills were flying back and forth between the House and the Senate with changes made forcing us to vote quickly to “agree or disagree” to those changes. That gave us only very little time to review bills and we had to rely on fellow legislators and caucus friends to make sure we would not let anything slip through the cracks. Sine Die is a day of true teamwork in the House. After a very long day, we finally adjourned at midnight.

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Apr 1, 2019 • Capitol Updates

Weekly Newsletter, Vol. 8

Last Thursday, we honored the Johns Creek High School Men’s Swim team in the House for winning the 6A State Championship for the first time! They were recognized by Rep. Josh McLaurin due to my absence. My team worked diligently to organize the day and making sure the team’s visit went perfectly. After being recognized on the House floor, the team toured the Capitol and enjoyed a photo-op with Governor Kemp. We are extremely proud of their outstanding accomplishments and wish them the best of luck for the next season!

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Mar 11, 2019 • Capitol Updates

Weekly Newsletter, Vol. 7

We are now in our eighth week of the 2019 Legislative Session. Last Thursday, we reached Legislative Day 28, also known as “Crossover Day”. Crossover Day is a crucial deadline for the House and Senate, as this is the last day for bills to pass out of the legislative chamber from which they originated in order to remain eligible for consideration by the other chamber for this session.

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Mar 11, 2019 • in the news

Eine amerikanische Karriere

Hallo, ich bin Angelika, und ich möchte dich im Repräsentantenhaus vertreten.“ Das ist der Satz, den Angelika Kausche wohl mehrere tausend Mal gesagt hat. Sie hat während ihres Wahlkampfs an sehr, sehr viele Türen geklopft. Und die Mühe hat sich gelohnt: Mit knapper, aber klarer Mehrheit wählten die Bewohner von District 50 – das ist der Wahlbezirk von Johns Creek, einer Kleinstadt nördlich von Atlanta – die Betriebswirtin aus Wuppertal im vergangenen November ins Repräsentantenhaus des US-Bundesstaates Georgia.

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Mar 4, 2019 • Capitol Uupdates

Weekly Newsletter, Vol. 6

The Georgia General Assembly is now in its seventh week of the 2019 Legislative Session. Over forty bills and resolutions were passed in the sixth week. As “Crossover Day” approaches, my colleagues and I are working diligently to ensure we represent our constituents to the best of our abilities.

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Feb 25, 2019 • Capitol Uupdates

Weekly Newsletter, Vol. 5

We completed half time, legislative day 20, on Friday, February 22nd and things are getting even busier at the Georgia General Assembly as we embark onto the sixth week of the 2019 legislative session.

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Feb 18, 2019 • Press Release

Rep. Kausche and Sen. Karinshak to Host Town Hall Meeting

ATLANTA – State Representative Angelika Kausche (D-Johns Creek), along with State Senator Zahra Karinshak (D-Duluth), will host a town hall meeting on Sunday, February 24, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. at the Medlock Bridge Park Clubhouse in Johns Creek.

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Feb 18, 2019 • Capitol Updates

Weekly Newsletter, Vol. 4

Bills that passed through the house this week: HB 62, HB 23, HB 25, HB 92, HR 51, HB 184, HB 128, HB 63, HB 166. I’ve summarized some below, but you can read more about each bill by clicking the bill number above -- and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

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Feb 14, 2019 • Johns Creek News

Georgia’s Most Ethnically Diverse City Might Surprise You

The most diverse Georgia city is home to comedian Jeff Foxworthy, singer and actor Usher Raymond, television personalities Karen Greer and Russ Spencer, "a dozen" active Falcons, Braves and Hawks, as well as Hall of Famers John Smoltz and Leo Mazzone, accrording to a 2017 AJC report. It’s Johns Creek, with a score of 62.53 out of 100.

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Feb 11, 2019 • Capitol Updates

Weekly Newsletter, Vol. 3

Happy Monday! As we begin another week at the Capitol, I wanted to reach out you with a recap of the previous week in session. The General Assembly officially began passing legislation, and my team began drafting our own.

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Feb 08, 2019 • Capitol Updates

Rep. Kausche Honors Dr. Pierluigi Mancini

HR 82: A Resolution commending Dr. Pierluigi Mancini for his outstanding achievements on behalf of immigrant mental health; and for other purposes.

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Feb 01, 2019 • Capitol Updates

Weekly Newsletter, Vol. 2

The past couple of weeks of the 2019 Legislative Session have been very eventful. I’m meeting and connecting with many new friendly faces in the GA General Assembly, and my team and I are enjoying every moment serving you at the Capitol!

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Jan 23, 2019 • In the News

State Rep. Kausche Takes Office, Learns Committee Assignments

Kausche was sworn in on Monday, Jan. 14, marking her first term in the 155th legislative session of the Georgia General Assembly. The state representative was also named to the Higher Education, Natural Resources & Environment and Small Business committees.

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Jan 18, 2019 • Capitol Updates

Weekly Newsletter, Vol. 1

My team and I will be sending weekly newsletters every Friday to update you on what went on during Session and also to inform you of any pertinent events, meetings, and/or general information regarding Johns Creek.

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Dec 19, 2018 • In the News

German-American Elected State Lawmaker in Georgia

When Angelika Kausche takes her seat on the Georgia State House on Jan. 14, she will be the first German/American state lawmakers in recent Georgia history. Kausche is a Democrat and will represent the Atlanta suburb of John’s Creek, one of the wealthiest communities in the United States.

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Dec 19, 2018 • In the News

Meet the German immigrant who made US electoral history in Georgia

In her first run for office, German immigrant Angelika Kausche won a state House seat in Georgia. In a district where Democrats had earlier not even bothered to field a candidate, her victory made history.

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