House Representative of Georgia's 50th District


  1. Invest in public education: Investing in a strong public education system is an investment in our shared future. Our people are our greatest resource. I will support affordable, high-quality daycare options for working parents, promote lower class sizes for Pre-K through high school, and advocate for more training and incentives for teachers that lead to higher teacher retention rates.

  2. Secure affordable college education and educate a skilled workforce: Making college education affordable for more Georgians is an investment in our economy and our workforce. Georgia is fortunate to have the HOPE scholarship, but many qualified teenage students as well as adult students are locked out of the program. I will advocate for expansion of scholarship options for all students. I also endorse the expansion of apprenticeship programs that offer an alternative to a four-year college degree for building a strong workforce for Georgia.

  3. Keep learning environments safe: Recent school shootings have highlighted the need to keep our schools and colleges safe to protect students, staff and faculty. Never again should parents fear for their child’s safety in school or on a Georgia campus. I will advocate for common sense gun legislation that will make everyone feel safe.



  1. Bridging the Coverage Gap: Medicaid is the main source of coverage for people with disabilities, low income families, and patients in nursing homes in Georgia. Closing the coverage gap to pay for essential health care services would extend coverage to over 240,000 people in Georgia and free up resources for badly needed mental health and substance abuse treatment.

  2. Universal Healthcare: Georgia has one of the highest rates of uninsured people in the country. All Georgians deserve access to affordable, quality healthcare. Expanding access is key to keeping people healthy and productive. Universal healthcare coverage is the only cost effective and efficient way to provide healthcare to all Georgians while giving people choices.

  3. Fighting the Opioid Crisis: The opioid crisis is a tragic reality for many families in Georgia. Drug overdose deaths are rising, leaving many families devastated and forcing a rising number of children into foster care. We need to invest more in prevention and substance abuse treatment centers to get the necessary care people need.

Sustainable Development


  1. Sustainable Business: Georgia’s economic growth will depend on its ability to successfully manage population growth, effects of climate change and constraints in natural and labor resources. I want Georgia to become the leader in sustainable business and economic development.

  2. Infrastructure: We need work on sustainable infrastructure solutions that will protect our health and quality of life. We need to invest in a transit grid that enables people to move rapidly and efficiently across the region and connects rural Georgia to the urban employment hubs. Public transit now has bipartisan support and I am looking forward to working with people across the aisle to find practical solutions for Georgia.

  3. Environmental Protections: I will work diligently to safeguard Georgia’s natural resources, wildlife, and waterways for future generations. I will support environmental policies that promote sustainable energy solutions and protect Georgia’s coast lines and natural resources.



  1. Equal Rights and Protection: I am a proud advocate for inclusion and equity. I believe in creating equal opportunities for all Georgians regardless of national origin, race, class, immigration status, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation. I will actively support policies that protect equality and fight any type of discriminatory legislation.

  2. Redistricting Reform: Georgia is one of the most gerrymandered states in the country. Voters should choose their representatives, not the other way around. I will support legislation to create a nonpartisan independent redistricting commission to ensure that people are fairly represented in government regardless of party control in the legislature.

  3. Election Integrity: Georgia voting machines are sorely outdated and insecure. We need to retire our current voting machines and adopt a modern, verifiable system that uses trackable, countable paper ballots so that voting in Georgia is safe, secure, and ensures one-person-one-vote.


Vote on November 6, 2018